Dear Cruise Ship Visitors

If you are coming on a cruise ship, you’ll need to tell us at which pier your ship docks, and the ship’s arrival and departure time. Please keep in mind:

  • We require the full payment in advance. You cannot pay upon delivery.
  • We schedule all our bookings based on local time, which is probably NOT the same time as the cruise ship’s time. We don’t do Daylight savings in the state of Quintana Roo.
  • We can’t park and unload bikes right at the docking pier, we deliver bikes to a meeting spot within walking distance (a 5 minute walk if your ship docks at Punta Langosta; a 20 minute walk if your ship docks at Puerta Maya or TMM Int’l).
  • There are three different cruise ship piers, so please contact us ASAP if your cruise ship unexpectedly docks at a different pier and we can find you the best meeting spot!
  • We ask for your cell phone number so that we can get a hold of each other quickly if something comes up (like if your cruise ships changes its docking pier with no notice and you don’t know where to go).

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